Why Work With Jay A Finke

Thank you for the privilege of introducing my work to you. Should you decide that my team and I are a good fit for your situation, I am confident that our work together will be of benefit to you, your family and those you care most about. My process is thorough, educational and comprehensive. As part of our work together, we will:

Goals and Objectives

  • Develop a clear understanding of your financial goals and objectives.
  • Clarify and quantify what it will take to achieve these objectives.
  • Develop a list of observations as to the current status of your financial condition and their application relating to your ability to meet your stated goals and objectives.

Retirement Planning

  • Construct and discuss an extensive financial condition model which examines current and projected net worth, cash flow and estate planning alternatives in your situation.
  • Discuss the implications of this financial condition model and its suggested impact upon your situation now and looking out thirty years into the future.
  • Construct and discuss a sophisticated retirement planning model to see if you are on track to meet your retirement income goals and objectives.
  • Construct and discuss a sophisticated survivor income planning model (when appropriate) to examine the impact of a premature death of one of you upon the goals and objectives of the survivor.

Investment Planning

  • Develop and analyze a comprehensive analysis of your investment allocation and discuss the implications of the allocation as structured.
  • Perform an extensive analysis of your investment portfolio with special attention given to the amount of risk you are taking relative to the amount of return you may expect to receive.
  • Compare your existing investment allocation to alternative allocations to see what changes might be appropriate to better position you on the risk/return spectrum.
  • Compare your existing investment product choices with alternative choices available in the marketplace to ensure that you are utilizing the most appropriate and beneficial products and management services available.
  • Introduce and examine alternative investment strategies and systems in order to ensure that your portfolio and retirement plan are taking advantage of the most cutting-edge tools and techniques available to better increase your chances of success.
  • Develop an investment flow chart outlining the changes to and progression of your investment portfolio in order to monitor the changes to and composition of your investable asset base.

Estate Planning

  • Examine your estate as it pertains to estate planning issues and estate and state death/inheritance tax issues and explain the estate planning pyramid concept to see if the actions you have taken or not taken are consistent with your overall estate planning goals and objectives.
  • Review your existing estate planning documents to determine whether they are sufficient for your situation and whether they are most suited to helping you really achieve what you have stated as goals most important to you.
  • Suggest changes to your estate planning documents and/or program which will allow for a more appropriate and more tax-efficient distribution of your estate as it relates to your children, your family and the charities that you are concerned about.
  • Introduce new estate planning strategies, when appropriate, for your consideration for you to decide if these strategies are within your comfort level and in accordance with what you are trying to achieve with your assets once you are no longer interested or able to utilize them.
  • Build an estate flow chart showing the distribution of assets at your death(s) and the impact of estate distribution rules and tax laws in your personal situation.
  • Examine your existing life insurance program to see if it is in line with your overall goals and objectives and to ensure that you understand the type of life insurance that you currently employ.
  • Review any concerns with your existing life insurance program and/or products (including ownership, beneficiary designations, type of product, company strength, funding level and product sustainability) and suggest any appropriate changes and/or additions to your program.

Charitable Planning

  • Investigate any charitable goals you might have for the charities that are most important to you and explain various charitable strategies that might allow you to do more for these charities while minimizing the impact upon your estate and/or cash flow.
  • Suggest and explain any charitable strategies that might be appropriate for your consideration whether now or in the future in order for you to be able to benefit those people and causes that you care the most about.

Employee Stock Options

  • Develop a sophisticated analysis of your employee stock options in order to understand the true value of these options as they pertain to the "in the money" and "after tax" valuations both now and in the future.
  • Scrutinize the impact of the changes in the stock price upon the value of your options and its applicability to the risk inherent in holding options over time.
  • Analyze and discuss the various formulas available to attempt to quantify the "true value" of each option grant and discuss the concept of time value for these options and how to attempt to capture the value of the time value in an appropriate risk-adjusted manner.
  • Build a worksheet to help you determine the appropriate strategy for exercising your options taking into account your personal risk/reward characteristics and your willingness to consider time and/or price value targets in the determination of these exercises.

Long Term Care

  • Analyze and discuss the potential impact of future long-term care obligations upon your retirement and estate planning and your ability to meet these obligations in the most prudent manner possible.
  • Suggest alternative methods of funding these potential long-term care obligations in order to minimize their impact upon your situation and to help ensure the attainment of your retirement income planning goals.


  • Communicate on a consistent basis both macro economic and market issues as they relate to your personal situation and your overall portfolio and micro matters that most impact you and your progression in achieving the goals that you have set.
  • Implement ideas and/or strategies that you deem prudent and appropriate for your situation and integrate the implementation of these ideas, strategies, products and/or services with the rest of your financial situation.
  • Coordinate our planning and strategies with other trusted advisors to ensure a comprehensive, coordinated approach to all aspects of your financial planning in order to ensure that all actions are consistent with your stated goals and objectives and to provide for the best possible execution of the decisions you have made in examining these matters.